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Rose Colored Lenses

Some people see the world through rose colored glasses, even when their circumstances seem less than ideal. My grandma was one of these types of people; she supported me no matter what and approached every tough situation with nothing but optimistic thinking. These kinds of people make us better.

These types of people inspire me because of their positivity and endurance. I want to use my photography to highlight them, honor them, and spread their amazing stories so that other people can see their light and be inspired by their powerful examples.
Every month or so I’ll have the honor of photographing an individual who I believes exemplifies the traits that I’m striving to develop within myself: positivity and strength. I will strive to capture the strength and beauty that radiates within them in these powerful portraits. I’ll be sharing their stories along with their portraits so that you too can draw from their strength.
I want to show the world what these inspiring people look like to me through my rose colored lenses.
If you know an individual who you believe deserves the chance to tell their story through portrait and words, please nominate them using the contact form.
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