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Rose Colored Lenses: Jentrie Williams

Rose Colored Lenses is a Photography Series by Diana Putnam Photography focused on highlighting incredible individuals who exemplify positivity and a passion for life. These are people I consider particularly wonderful examples of what it means to look at life through rose-colored glasses, or in my case to capture life through rose-colored-lenses.
Jentrie Williams
Jentrie Williams is a beautiful woman from Bountiful, Utah who inspires everyone around her by her positive attitude, with or without. I too was inspired by her story and knew I had to meet her! I organized a team and we put together this photoshoot featuring Jentrie in May of this year.
I need to give a big shoot out to our amazing sponsors because of their big and loving hearts we have the chance to share Jentrie’s story and this special photographs with you.
Sheere Rose Design did an amazing  job with the flower crowns inspire for Jentrie, Cherisa was a pro with makeup and was there every step of the way in the shoot, Emily got in my head and style a gorgeous shoot that express what this project is all about and she was so nice to provide the stunning dress design by the talented Janay Marie and a big thank you to Andra for donating the time for the perfect space.  This day was a dream come true for me and this special project.
Photographer: Diana Putnam Photography | Stylist: Emily Smith | Make-up: Cherisa Mua | Dress: Janay Marie | Flower Crowns: Sheer Rose Design | Studio: Andra
Jentrie’s Story:
This November 2015 marks one year since Jentrie Williams was diagnosed with cancer at age 25. In this past year, Jentrie learned of the tumor in her chest, was diagnosed her with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, completed X rounds of chemo, and was ultimately declared “cancer free” after a difficult and faithful fight. Through all of it, Jentrie continued as a bright daughter of God, a grateful Latter-day-saint, and a loving wife and mother-of-three.
“You can never know how you will feel or react when something life-changing comes your way. I can tell you that I would never have guessed that this is how I would be feeling after hearing that I have cancer,” Jentrie wrote in her first blog post, “There have been so many tears shed — not tears of sadness, anger, questioning or doubt but tears of gratitude, meekness, love and hope.”
Jentrie describes the way she felt upon hearing that she had cancer, “I immediately felt peace. I never felt scared. I felt peace and determination, and then I felt the strong desire that I want this trial to help bring other people closer to our Savior.”
Following her diagnosis, Jentrie started a blog to share her testimony. She uses it to share how she’s grown from her experiences and the profound peace and comfort she finds in her Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
Instead of reacting with fear or anger, she decided to let her trial bring her closer to God starting even the very day she learned of the cancerous tumor in her chest. She writes on her blog. “That evening, in the silence of my room, I was alone. Just me and my big news. I knelt by my bed, and started praying to my Heavenly Father. I thanked Him. I thanked Him for sending me this trial. I told Him that I was grateful that He gave me this opportunity to be refined, and to become the person He knows I can be. I asked Him to help me learn what I needed to through this and to be a light to others. But, what I pleaded for, what I really want, is for everyone around me to get to know Him more, to want to turn to Him, to feel of His love for them, to recognize His hand in their lives, through my example and my experience. I pray I can be that for all of you.”
Jentrie is now cancer free! She credits her trials, and her reactions to her trials, and Heavenly Father with the spiritual growth and the level of happiness she was able to achieve amidst her trials .
Naturally always thinking of others, Jentrie is overjoyed when she hears that she has aided in uplifting others via her blog and instagram. Jentrie’s pure intentions, kind heart, and sweet spirit radiate from everything she touches.

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