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My Family Christmas Cards with Pro Digital Photo

It’s so crazy to think Christmas is here again and that 2016 has flown by. The one thing that I love about the Holliday season, is the family time we get to have, the decorations, and even the presents. Another thing that I love is when Family and Friends send me their Christmas cards and I can put them on my refrigerator to see how they have grown over the year.

For the past couple years, I have printed with Pro Digital Photos  and couldn’t be more happy with the final product.

The online ordering is easy and fast, their designs are so cute and perfect for any kind of family portrait and their new collection offers a design on the envelopes that go with it.

They print your cards in a day or two and send them in the cutest packaging (if you live in Utah County you can also pick them up at their location).

This year I wanted to use my own Christmas Card Template that I bought on Etsy. I was able to customize it for the number of pictures that I wanted to use. So I ordered them using “your own template option”  the process was amazing because I was able to choose the kind of paper the fit the design I chose (finish of the texture). They also have the option to make round corners, which I feel make the design look even better.

Every time I finish a family photo session, I recommend that my clients check out Pro Digital Photos for their own Christmas Cards. I know that it is the best not only for the cute designs, but for the quality on color and materials. As a photographer, I love to know my work will be showcased as best as posible. With Pro Digital, I know that they keep the actual edit of the photographer instead of changing the image like other places will.

I was so excited to open my cards and start mailing them to my family and friends because I know they will love them as much as I do.

If you still haven’t ordered your cards yet, please head  on over to and take advantage of their free shipping. Also, don’t forget to follow them for their specials and other services.


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