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Hello!! Hola!!

My name is Diana Putnam; basically, I’m a happily married Mexican girl enjoying my exciting life as a wedding, lifestyle, & portrait photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was born in Mexico City where I lived until the man of my dreams found me.  A mutual friend introduced my husband and I via snail mail while he was serving his LDS mission in Texas. Letters turned into novels and we wrote letter after letter until we fell hopelessly in love and then finally met in person one beautiful day in Mexico where he came to sweep me off my feet and he succeeded. Long story short, we were married in the LDS Salt Lake City Temple, my own castle, and have lived a happy two years in the Salt Lake Valley cooking delicious meals, going on date after date, and raising our little puppy. We’re both working hard pursuing our careers: he’s studying his buns off preparing for dental school, and I as you may have already figured out, am a photographer.


Photography is my way of communicating the beauty I see in everything and everyone around me in a mutual form that others can then appreciate too. I see the world in light, colors, depths, textures, and emotions, all of which I’ve worked tirelessly to capture on camera. Lucky for you, over the years, I’ve finally nailed it. My style is crisp, clean, fresh, radiant, whispy, and breathtaking. Take a look for yourself, I think you just might like it.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Also available for travel.

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